A Nation Addicted to Health and Wellness TV

From The Biggest Loser to Britain’s Deadliest Addictions, there is no shortage of television health programmes to choose from in the UK. In fact, interested viewers have their choice between all kinds of shows related to dieting, health, and addiction, from watching people try desperately to lose weight to getting an up close and personal look as family and friends attempt to hold an intervention for a love one struggling with addiction. So, why are so many programmes related to health and wellness shown on TV? The answer is simple; everyone watches them. Here are just a few reasons why these types of shows are so popular.


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Unlike scripted shows, you can never be 100% certain of what is going to transpire on these shows. Could someone inadvertently gain weight or could an addict flat out refuse any offers of help? There could even be a huge disagreement between contestants or family members that leads to highly entertaining dramatic moments.


In today’s body obsessed world, we constantly see stars in the tabloid or on the internet that look absolutely amazing, such as Keira Knightley, Gemma Arterton, and Sienna Miller, just to name a few. What’s even worse is that we often see them looking picture perfect right after having a baby. Reality weight loss shows allow us to see people who are just like us work to get their own bodies in top shape.


Sometimes we like to see others who are not quite so successful. It is simply human nature because it tends to make us feel better about ourselves. Don’t try and deny it.


Whether you are trying to lose weight or are battling an alcohol detox addiction, seeing other people, who are in a situation similar to your own, can provide strength, encouragement, and even a bit of guidance. Plus, by watching others accomplish their own goals right before our own eyes (over the course of a season), we are reminded that it is possible for us to do the same.


This loosely goes along with watching others fail. Whether we realise it or not, we tend to get a small emotional boost when we see people who are not doing as well as we are. Then, we feel the need to cheer them on as they fight to better themselves, whether they are trying to lose weight or put an end to their drug use. Of course, we also enjoying seeing those that we have rooted on through the course of a season succeed.


In the UK, health programmes, especially those focused on weight loss and addiction will not be disappearing from our TV screens anytime soon. In fact, there is a good chance we will continue to see more and more hit the air.

Autotrader TV Advertising

Since almost the birth of cars and Henry T Ford, there has been Autotrader.

Beginning back in the 1950’s Autotrader took less than five years to dominate the car market and support car buyers and sellers to trade their vehicles across the country. When it all began there was nothing more than the loyal print magazines that us old folk are so use to.

To book your car into Autotraders car sales print magazine you had to telephone their office, describe the car in full detail and send a cheque to pay for your advert. Despite all of the hindrances to this method, Autotrader quickly shoved it’s way to the beginning of the queue for car sales, and they’ve never left the number 1 spot.

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As we all know, the internet ensued and Autotrader took 15 years to become a completely online magazine. Their print ad’s stopped altogether in early year 2,000. As with many large corporations Autotrader thrived in the new digital world as they’re costs plummeted buy national and global reach expanded. Now they are almost untouchable as the leading car selling magazine in the UK and America.

Alongside their exponential growth car buying services have cropped up, promising fast cash to car owners than need money in a hurry. One of the well known companies is We Buy Any Car, who operate around the world but have become house hold names in the States and UK.

One thing that the two companies have in common is their advertising budgets for TV advertising. Prime time slots on Friday and Saturday nights have allowed both Autotrader and We Buy Any Car to display their brands to the masses.

Although it seems the companies are in direct competition with one and other, they really are not. They have quite separate target audiences. In general the We Buy Any Car target market are those that are in desperate need of cash, whilst Autotrader promote getting car retail values by accessing their elite advertising platforms.

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But both firms do have some commonalities. Both have dedicated departments for all vehicle types. So, there are separate parts to each company for the sale of cars, vans, motorbikes, boats, lorries, caravans, caravanettes and even trailors.

It may be surprising to hear how there’s been a huge growth of companies that adopt the We Buy Any Car car buying service methodolgy. In order for their business to have thrived they’ve relied upon car owners accepting significantly less than market value for their motors. Because each car is entered into a car auction and sold for small profits of £100 to £300 per vehicle, the company have needed to sting car owners but provide a huge convenience factor. One that seems irresistible to many car owners around the world. In fact, you can expect as much as 50% less than the true value of your car when accessing these types of services.

TV advertising has made all this so much easier for companies like these to survive and thrive.

For small and medium sized businesses that don’t have a multi million dollar budget, good old internet is still the way to go.

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LCD Television And Its Various Impact

LCD Tvs are normally brighter than plasma Televisions, and numerous could double as a computer display or media-center display screen. LCD televisions are now coming out larger and at rates that are actually starting to take on those of similar-size plasma Televisions. LCD tvs tend to have a somewhat slower feedback time compared to their plasma equivalents. LCD televisions make use of much less energy that their plasma equivalents as well as have the tendency to have a longer light life (although recent advances in plasma modern technology have made the lamp life problem almost a moot point).

LCD Television And Its Various Impact


LCD Television technology has actually progressed substantially, especially relative to the duplication of black levels. Huge LCD tvs could actually be held on the wall surface, while smaller sized sets, up to 21-inch screen dimension, could conveniently fold under a wall cupboard. The only major drawback with LCD tv set is that larger display dimension LCD panels are generally a lot more pricey than their plasma matching. Though LCD Television are turning out to be much more budget-friendly compared to ever, with 40-inch LCD TV sets offering virtually on the same level with similar screen-size plasma televisions, yet LCD tvs still represent an expensive financial investment.

Although Plasma TVs seem to be obtaining all the focus around, the LCD television is additionally making an impact. Plasma tvs discuss a lot of the very same qualities as LCD televisions, however do reveal stamina in areas that LCD’s come up short. Lots of people really feel that as well as LCD television revealing a blank, black photo, could appear virtually grey unlike the plasma image which is much closer to a true black. Up till lately, it was unusual to see an LCD tv in a 37-inch display size. Size is still a concern with respect to LCD Tv.

Smaller sized dimensions are for that reason the guideline when in pertains to LCD Tv. These brand-new LCD Televisions are good to go to go head-to-head against plasma displays for the future of Televisions. The main points one has to see are the dimension of the LCD Television and the cost of the TV. You have to see the variable called the higher Shade depth, of the LCD Screen the capability of the Display to show more variety of Colors, shorter reaction times whereby the LCD Tv has the ability to show also fast relocating things with out obscuring the quick movements.

LCD Television And Its Various Impact

LCD’s on the other hand appearance best when checked out straight on. LCD panels have been used for a number of applications, including computer system monitors and also tv screens.


Television (TV) product specifications are acquired from vendors or 3rd parties and although we strive to present exact info. Burn-in is no longer much of a worry as it used to be with plasma televisions around the recent past, particularly for individuals with normal TV watching requirements. Fixed panel televisions are rapidly coming to be quite widespread on store shelves and in customers’ houses. Sony Bravia KDL-40V2500 40-inch 1080p LCD Television The Sony KDL-40V2500 is a 40-inch 16×9 LCD television with a native pixel resolution of 1920×1080 (1080p) as well as a real life comparison ratio of 1,300:1. The detail, color consistency, as well as contrast, on this LCD television is excellent.