Autotrader TV Advertising

Since almost the birth of cars and Henry T Ford, there has been Autotrader.

Beginning back in the 1950’s Autotrader took less than five years to dominate the car market and support car buyers and sellers to trade their vehicles across the country. When it all began there was nothing more than the loyal print magazines that us old folk are so use to.

To book your car into Autotraders¬†car sales print magazine you had to telephone their office, describe the car in full detail and send a cheque to pay for your advert. Despite all of the hindrances to this method, Autotrader quickly shoved it’s way to the beginning of the queue for car sales, and they’ve never left the number 1 spot.

buying a car properly image

As we all know, the internet ensued and Autotrader took 15 years to become a completely online magazine. Their print ad’s stopped altogether in early year 2,000. As with many large corporations Autotrader thrived in the new digital world as they’re costs plummeted buy national and global reach expanded. Now they are almost untouchable as the leading car selling magazine in the UK and America.

Alongside their exponential growth car buying services have cropped up, promising fast cash to car owners than need money in a hurry. One of the well known companies is We Buy Any Car, who operate around the world but have become house hold names in the States and UK.

One thing that the two companies have in common is their advertising budgets for TV advertising. Prime time slots on Friday and Saturday nights have allowed both Autotrader and We Buy Any Car to display their brands to the masses.

Although it seems the companies are in direct competition with one and other, they really are not. They have quite separate target audiences. In general the We Buy Any Car target market are those that are in desperate need of cash, whilst Autotrader promote getting car retail values by accessing their elite advertising platforms.

image of explosion to depict massive business growth

But both firms do have some commonalities. Both have dedicated departments for all vehicle types. So, there are separate parts to each company for the sale of cars, vans, motorbikes, boats, lorries, caravans, caravanettes and even trailors.

It may be surprising to hear how there’s been a huge growth of companies that adopt the We Buy Any Car car buying service methodolgy. In order for their business to have thrived they’ve relied upon car owners accepting significantly less than market value for their motors. Because each car is entered into a car auction and sold for small profits of ¬£100 to ¬£300 per vehicle, the company have needed to sting car owners but provide a huge convenience factor. One that seems irresistible to many car owners around the world. In fact, you can expect as much as 50% less than the true value of your car when accessing these types of services.

TV advertising has made all this so much easier for companies like these to survive and thrive.

For small and medium sized businesses that don’t have a multi million dollar budget, good old internet is still the way to go.

Paul at Dewedstrijden TV.